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Plug-in car grant

Level of grant available 2018/19 2017/18
Percentage of purchase price 35% 35%
Maximum grant £4,500 £4,500

Grant entitlement

Until March 2020 the maximum grant is limited according to the following criteria.

Category CO₂ emissions (g/km) Zero emission range (miles) Purchase price/RRP Maximum grant
1 Less than 50 At least 70 Any price £4,500
2 Less than 50 Between 10 and 69 £60,000 or greater £0
Otherwise £2,500
3 Between 50 and 75 At least 20 £60,000 or greater £0
Otherwise £2,500

Category 2 and 3 cars are only eligible if the Recommended Retail Price is less than £60,000 and the full purchase price (including number plates, VED and VAT, but excluding optional extras, delivery charges and the first registration fee) is also below £60,000.

In the 2017 Autumn Budget the Government committed an additional £100 million funding for the plug-in car grant, extending availability until 2020. The government will also continue to provide grants to help car owners to install a dedicated charge point at home. The electric vehicle homecharge scheme (EVHS) offers £500 per installation, which on average should cover around half of the installation cost.

From 23 November 2016 a 100% first year allowance is available to businesses for expenditure incurred on electric charge point equipment. The allowance will expire on 31 March 2019 for corporation tax purposes and 5 April 2019 for income tax purposes.


To be eligible to apply for the grant a car must: